"Losing my sanity through parenthood and copious amounts of coffee."

Hi! My name is Stephanie and welcome to my little crazy corner of the internet. My inspiration for this blog came after many 2am breastfeeding / pumping / bottle-feeding / however-I-could-get-him-to-eat-while-I-was-half-asleep sessions that led to me scrolling the picture-perfect feeds of other mothers who are clearly doing a much better job of grasping pinterest parenting than I. That wasn't what parenting looked like for me at all. Mine was messy, dramatic, crazy and somewhat buried under possibly(?) washed piles of laundry. So here's to all the other moms who definitely don't have it all together but are at least doing a stand-up job of keeping members of their household alive, fed and sometimes clean while teetering on the edge of possible insanity. Think of me as your personal cheerleader, your 3am baby-topic concierge and a friendly source of support and never-ending appreciation for all that YOU do. We're all #Madmoms here.